When Should You Repair Or Replace Your Roof?

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As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. So, regular maintenance is not only good for your home but your wallet as well. Delaying or neglecting needed repairs can save you in the short term. However, you will wind up spending a lot more down the road. But not all home improvement projects are cut and dry. For instance, there are cases when it is acceptable to have a roof repair rather than a roof replacement. Which one to choose depends on many factors including the percentage of the total roof surface needs repair and the type of roof damage.

Roof Repair

In certain instances, replacing a few shingles is what you need to bring back the beauty as well as the function of your roof. Asphalt shingles are made to last for decades and the modern roofing designs these days are designed to last for as long as you own the house. Before you choose to replace the shingles, it is crucial to have a professional roof inspection first in order to know if any of the decking or underlayment has been damaged. There is a huge difference between a couple of missing shingles lost during strong winds and a leak that is extending through the many different layers of your roof. In case the damage is too extensive, a replacement is a better idea.

You also have to remember that shingles are constantly exposed to snow, heat, and rain. Even if you have a few shingles left over from the time you had the roof installed, you may find it hard to match the new shingles to the ones that are already installed on your roof. Depending on the location and also the size of the area that needs to be replaced, it may be hard to blend new replacement shingles into the rest of the roof.

But if the area that needs new shingles is located in an area that is not that noticeable, or the section is small, you may be able to pull through nailing down a few replacement shingles.

Patching Damaged Areas

Several homeowners are wondering if they could patch a deteriorating or damaged part of the roof instead of replacing the entire thing. They may even choose to install a new roof on top of the existing shingles rather than tearing off the old roof. Patching could work however it poses all of the same problems and then some just like with replacing a few shingles.

Just like you would when deciding if it is okay to just change the shingles, it is crucial to consult with a home roofing professional like Florence Roofing Experts if you are thinking of patching your roof. A roofing contractor will conduct an extensive inspection to determine if patching will extend the life of your roof without worrying about future damage.

A roofing contractor will check both the roof’s exterior and the attic boards, which will show in case moisture penetrated the decking and into your house. On the outside, indications of a more serious issue include curling shingles at the edges or those that have started to buckle. Another bad indication is the existence of granules, which are tiny pebble like pieces that will coat the outside of the shingles – on the ground or in the gutters.

Aside from that, a roof that is sagging is a sure indication of a more pressing issue. In case you notice signs of sagging, call a roofing contractor right away. You have to replace the roof as soon as possible. Even if you can patch your roof, the result may not be as visually appealing. In the instance of a patch, the area that is damaged is commonly much bigger than the spot that needs a few new shingles, which usually makes it hard to mix the repaired section with the current roof.

Roofing Over The Existing Roof

Even though this option seems like it will help you save cash, it is just like putting a band aid on a broken bone. You will just cover up the issue but the damage is still there and it will only become worse over time. Most local building codes permits up to two layers of shingles for homes, so it is possible to shingle over the existing roof. When your home already has two layers of shingles, you will be risking adding too much weight on your home’s structure. Because of this, most building codes do not allow a home to have more than two layers.

Another disadvantage of placing shingles over an existing roof is the amount you have to pay for additional labor when the time comes that you have to take everything out to pave the way for total roof replacement Florence. Rather than paying for one tear off, you will pay for double the labor.

Additionally, adding another layer of shingles on top of existing ones will void the manufacturer’s warranty that is protecting you in case the new shingles have defects. In case of a problem in the future, you cannot use the warranty to cover the cost of the roof repair or the roof replacement.

Roof Replacement

How will you know if it is time for a roof replacement? The answer will depend on different factors, which you need to consider whenever you are faced with a roof repair vs. roof replacement dilemma.

Signs of moisture and water damage – water is an extremely powerful force. When it penetrates underneath the shingles of the roof, it will easily find its way inside your home, where it will cause major damage and even health issues. In case you see indications of moisture inside the house like brown spots on the ceiling, mold, or peeling paint, you have to go with a roof replacement.

A recent disaster – if your neighbourhood was just hit by a tornado or hurricane, the damage could be very extensive and it may need a roof replacement.

Age – is your roof leaking and was just installed five years ago? In this case, the problem is most likely associated with the quality of the roof installation or a defect in the materials used rather than wear and tear. On the other hand, if you have a roof that is already 20 years old and you have started to see a couple of issues, then it is most likely at the end of its lifespan and due for a total roof replacement.

Materials – it is also crucial to note the kind of roofing materials that you have. For instance, an 80 year old roof that is made of slate may have a few more decades of life ahead compared to a metal roof that is already on its eighth decades of life. Asphalt shingles are popular roofing materials because of their affordability as well as aesthetic appeal, and also the latest generation of premium asphalt shingles that are designed to last to as much as 50 years with the appropriate maintenance.

If it is time to repair or replace your roof, call Florence Roofing Expert now.

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