What You Need To Know About Roof Ventilation

roofing contractorA lot of people don’t really put so much thought into what goes on inside their attic especially when it concerns ventilation. Nothing happens there, right? While it may seem unimportant at first glance, proper roof ventilation is crucial. Without adequate roof ventilation, certain sections of the roof could be negatively affected. Call your roofing contractor if you think the ventilation in your attic is not enough.

Here are the reasons why your roof should be ventilated accordingly:

Proper roofing ventilation will control the amount of moisture in the air as well as excess heat that could otherwise have negative impacts on your roofing structure. Heat and moisture buildup will vary on the climate in which you live in. Here’s what could potentially happen:

  • Heat from the sun could elevate the temperatures inside the attic. According to an expert roofing contractor Florence SC, the heightened heat levels inside the attic could damage the roof from the inside out. The roof sheathing could warp and the shingles could age prematurely. Other than that, the heat from the attic could radiate down to other sections of the house, making it harder for the air conditioning system to provide cooling.
  • Excess humidity could mean condensation. When there is excess humidity in the air, it could condense on colder surfaces which will then contribute to dampness. Once this happens, different areas of the roof could be affected. Again, the roof could be damaged from the inside out as the roofing structure gets compromised by the dampness. Mold growth could also be possible if certain conditions are met.
  • Ice dams often happen when there is insufficient ventilation in the attic. If you’ve ever noticed ice dams forming along the eaves, that’s a sign that there’s heat buildup in the attic. It could also mean that there’s insufficient insulation in the attic.


What are the signs of inadequate roof ventilation?

It is important to keep the new roof properly ventilated. If you aren’t sure if everything is fine in your attic, you can look out for these signs:

  • There’s a spike in your utility bills. Most of the time, inadequate ventilation in the attic could contribute to an increase in your utility bill. Heating and cooling will be affected which in turn causes more energy to be used.
  • Ice buildup on the roof. The ventilation system on your roof moves air around, making sure that temperatures are favorable. If not, ice dams could form on the roof.
  • Metal components on the roof begin to corrode. The heat combined with humidity will cause some roofing components to degrade prematurely. That’s why roof ventilation is so important.
  • There is dampness in the attic. Any water stains or dampness in the attic is a clear indicator that there is insufficient ventilation.

How can poor roof ventilation be addressed?

The best way to address such an issue is to hire an expert like Florence Roofing Experts. Only a professional roofer has the equipment, experience, and knowledge to detect inconsistencies on the roof.

Are you looking for a reliable roofing contractor in Florence? Call Florence Roofing Experts today! You may reach us at (843) 212-7825.

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