What You Need To Understand About Roof Repairs

roof repairHave you ever put some thought into how your roof works and how often it should be repaired? A lot of people shy away from roof repair due to the fact that they aren’t usually done by your average homeowner and that they cost a lot of money to fix. Regardless of the type of roof that you have, delaying repairs is not a good thing. It can make things worse and make repairs costlier. Understanding your roof, how it is maintained, and when to do repairs is critical. Always be one step ahead to avoid expensive repairs down the line.

Roof inspection, understanding roof types, and effects of weather

Each type of roofing material has its pros and cons. Weather, on one hand, plays a role in each type of roofing material. However, not all material types respond the same way to weather. Some deflect heat while some don’t. There’s a broad distinction between a roof that also defines how they are repaired and how much it costs to repair them. Roofing contractors such as Florence Roofing Experts are familiar with the different type of materials used on roofs.

  • Wooden shingles – this type is the easiest to work with. However, they should be dampened first before working on them. Dry wood shingles break easily. That’s why they should be dampened first. You could wait for after a gentle rain before proceeding with the repair. However, this isn’t ideal. Your roofing contractor could just spray water to dampen them to save time.
  • Asphalt shingles – unlike wooden shingles, those made out of asphalt are too pliable when they reach a certain temperature. They also don’t work too well when repaired out in the cold. It’s best to work with them when the temperature is just right.
  • Shakes and shingles – these are commonly used but aren’t the most durable. They are prone to breakage and require replacement more often. Replacement pieces should never be hammered. When nailing them in place, use a board to keep them from breaking.

Safety hazards to look out for

Peril awaits any homeowner who tries to DIY roof repairs. If you’re not skilled at repairing roofs, don’t try it. Being up the roof can be dangerous as they can be slippery, and you have the risk of falling off. In case you want to try repairs yourself, be sure that you put safety first above anything else. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Safety harnesses are very important and you should secure them to a reliable spot to avoid unnecessary falls.
  • Wear shoes with rubber soles that have a firm grip on the shingles.
  • Before walking on the roof, inspect the shingles for loose pieces to avoid slipping on them.
  • Never do roof repairs during storms or even light showers.

Always consider hiring a professional

If you want to increase the value of your home or simply want it fixed the right way, a roofing contractor is what you need. While minor roof repairs may be done through simple DIY, major roof repairs might not be as easy. Always consider calling a professional before starting repairs.

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