Roofing Basics – Understanding Quotes And Estimates

roof replacementIf you ever asked a roofing contractor about getting a roof replacement before, it would come as no surprise for them to give you quotes and estimates. However, have you ever bothered to know just how they came up with these prices and why? Homeowners that put a lot of value in their roof and the money they spend on it will surely want to know these things. An educated buyer will always have the advantage. Be sure to know what you are getting into before you start writing those checks. Here are some of the products often come with the packages offered by contractors:

What roofing contractors include in their offers

Type of roofing material – of course, the first thing on the list is the type of roofing material. When getting a roof replacement, the very first thing that contractors ask you about or try to sell you is the type of roofing material. Do note that there may be more than one type of material that would be best suited for your roof and for the area where you live in. some areas have specific climates that call for a certain kind of roofing material. However, this is not the case in all states. There are areas where different roofing materials can be used. Be sure to take down the quotes and estimates contractors give you. In case you find one offer expensive, you can always go to another one and refer to the quote from the previous contractor.

Flashing – if your home doesn’t have a plain roof, you would definitely need flashing. You will need this in case you have chimneys, walls, or dormers on your roof. Flashing may be made out of different metals. The prices may vary depending on the type of metal used and the brand that carries them. When replacing a roof, be sure to have a thorough roof inspection to know what type of flashing material is best suited.

Underlayment – this is basically the material that goes in between the actual roofing material (i.e. shingles) and the roof deck. Like flashing, there are different types of materials used to make underlayment. The prices may vary depending on the material you choose. There are also organic options for eco-conscious consumers. The roofing contractor will normally suggest the type of underlayment material after the roof inspection in Florence.

Drip edge – Despite the trend, there are still some roofing contractors who skimp on the drip edge particularly when the budget of the customer is a bit tight. Drip edges are installed along eaves, rakes, and gutter lines. They are purposely placed to ensure that no water can seep through the roof deck and the inside of the roof.

Ice and water shield – the purpose of this is for ice and water protection. In areas with really cold winters, this addition is necessary to ensure that the roof survives a harsh winter without any problems.

Roof valleys – these are the metal channels that run up and down two opposing slopes. They provide protection from water. Joints are particularly vulnerable to water without roof valleys.

Ridge vents – ventilation is needed in every roofing system to avoid problems caused by bottled temperatures in the roof. Ridge vents are commonly found along with shingled residential buildings.

Chimney crickets – homes that have a chimney will need to have a chimney cricket installed. This is to ensure that there is not snow and ice buildup at the back of the chimney.

Gutters – everybody knows how gutters look like and how they work. With that in mind, they can also be part of any roof replacement project. Roofing experts like Florence Roofing Experts normally go through the roofing needs of the homeowner before handing out a quote. This ensures that everything is accounted for and with fair pricing.

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