Types Of Metal Roofing

new roofOut of the many different kinds of materials to make a new roof, metal is extremely popular for both residential and commercial roofing. Metal is made out of another material that is light weight and is far more durable; plus it requires minimal maintenance compared to other roofing options. But metal roofing is not focused on just a single type. There is a range of different products that could be considered as a metal roof. This type of roof could deal with different design requirements and options. However, the kind of material you choose is for you to decide and what is best for your needs.

There are five different kinds of metal roof options to select from:

Copper – It is a typical material used in a metal roof. It’s been believed that in the best conditions, copper is a metal that could last for more than a century. It is considered as the softest metal and also the quietest. But, since it has a soft nature, this type of material can make a metal roof susceptible to expansion and dents with the changes in temperature. But, this could be controlled easily with correct shingling and paneling.  Additionally, for those who are living an eco-friendly life, copper roofs are 100% recyclable.

Zinc – This is a very durable metal and it is also very malleable. The metal’s malleability of could allow for some amazing as well as fantastic roofing designs. It is very popular among commercial projects. Less energy is required to produce zinc compared to steel or copper production, which makes it a metal roof that is energy efficient. However, as time goes by, the metal could turn green/blue when left unpainted. Plus it tends to leave it with a chalking residue. Zinc is also a soft metal, making it susceptible to damage but this could be dealt with correct shingling and paneling.

Aluminum – This type of metal is lightweight and malleable, thus permitting more creativity when roofing designs are being made. Aluminum metal roof in Florence are recommended for all those who reside in coastal areas since the material is extremely resistant to the corrosion that’s brought on by sea salt and moisture. Also, when aluminum is exposed to oxygen, a sealing barrier will be created, which will prevent any type of oxidation or/and rusting.

Steel – Steel is a type of metal with higher strength and is recommended for people who reside in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes and strong winds. Its durability make roof repair less likely unless the roof is really old and deteriorated. They are also far more resistant to fire and could retain heat. Steel is also considered as among the greener metals that can be worked with since it is among the list of the most recycled materials today. It’s also a lot cheaper to get a new roof made from steel.

Tin – Tin is an unused and rare metal used for roofing purposes. This element is used for canning materials until it was discovered that it could be flattened for shingling purposes.

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