Tips For Maintaining Metal Roofs

metal roofThe roof of a home or business is a major investment. If you are planning to replace your current roof, you have to consider several factors like style, longevity, and maintenance. A metal roof is one of the most durable and reliable materials on the market today. It offers an excellent return on your investment plus, it looks perfect with contemporary homes. This type of roof is customizable, resilient, energy efficient, and can boost the value of your home.

Roof Maintenance

Just like all other excellent roofing practices, it is crucial that you maintain your metal roof correctly. And even though it needs less maintenance compared to other types of roofing, you have to take into account some factors to determine the kind of maintenance that is best suited for the metal roof Florence that you have.

System type – metal roof systems come in two different types. The first one which is the architectural metal roofing is directly installed in the deck of the roof and are made of thinner metals. On the other hand, structural metal roofing is linked to the structure of a building and is crafted out of thicker materials. It is crucial to know the system type to avoid possible safety hazards.

Metal type – the kind of material you need to use for your metal roof will determine the kind of maintenance it needs. For instance, in case your roof was set up using steel, which is at risk of oxidation, you have to always check for rust.

System Design – the appropriate care and maintenance needed by your roof will be based on the system design you select. Flat seam panels, metal roof shingles, interlocking panels, as well as standing seam metal styles have their own maintenance needs.

General Roof Maintenance Tips

A few general maintenance tips to keep in mind when maintaining your metal roof include:

–    Regular cleaning of the gutters

–    Ensuring no tree or bush is rubbing against the metal roof

–    Removing debris

–    Never overspray when repainting the metal roof

Keeping the gutters clear of debris will help ensure the longevity of your metal roof. You need to do this more often if your house is surrounded by a lot of trees and even if it is not, you have to clean the gutters at least twice a week. If you are residing in a tree heavy area, you have to clean your gutters more often because leaving dirt and leaves to build up in the gutters will prevent the metal roof from drying out after snowfall or rain, which could lead to corrosion and premature roof replacement.

You also need to limit the foot traffic on your roof. Although metal roofs are durable, it is still not advisable to walk on them on a regular basis. In case you have to do so, be sure that you are familiar with the recommendations of the metal roof manufacturer. You should also never attempt to install a metal roof on your own. Remember that if your roof is not installed properly, it will not only increase the risk of damaging other parts but you can also put your life and that of your family’s at risk. It is best to hire a roofing contractor to help you in installing, repairing, or maintaining your metal roof.

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