Roofing 101 – The Importance Of Roof Flashing

roofing contractorAny roof that you look at will have numerous junction points where slopes meet. It’s also these junctions that are the weakest areas of the roof. That’s why any roofing contractor will put a lot of importance on flashings and how they are installed. A roof flashing is typically a piece of metal that’s placed in between the roof joints. The flashing then serves as a barrier that prevents water from seeping through.

The different kinds of roof flashing

Not a lot of homeowners know about this but roof flashing comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials. While it is commonly made out of metal, the type of metal varies per manufacturer and model. Here are the most common ones you can find:

  • Sheet metal – a common type of flashing used by a Florence roofing contractor is sheet metal. It is lightweight, durable, and does not rust easily. Most importantly, it is cheaper than other metal counterparts.
  • Aluminum – one other common material used in the manufacture of roof flashing is aluminum. It is light, durable, and also equally cost-effective. However, it may not be suited for all types of roofs. The alkaline components in concrete and fiber-cement siding can corrode aluminum flashing. It is important that the flashing remain intact for the longest time possible to avoid major roof damage.
  • Lead – this type of material is not commonly used for general roof flashing. However, it is commonly applied as flashing on chimneys and roofing panels.
  • Copper – the most expensive type of flashing that you can buy is made out of copper. Unlike all the other materials, copper does not easily corrode, rust, or degrade. That’s why it is perfect for use in homes. Again, the price tag of copper flashing may cost you more but it can deliver good results.

The common issue with flashing

Most roof flashings are installed with the use of adhesives. With that said, such adhesives can only last for a set number of years before deteriorating. Some flashings could become dislodged by strong winds. The constant shifting temperatures of the roof can also impact the adhesive used on the flashings can cause them to fail over time. On the other hand, roof repair can easily be done.

Hire a roofer to have flashing repaired or installed

Nothing on your roof will last forever and certainly not the flashings. When you see signs that the flashing is deteriorating, call professional roofers like Florence Roofing Experts. A common sign of a faulty roof flashing is leaking. You can’t easily detect damage to flashings from a distance unless you have a thorough roof inspection done. Regardless, you should always hire a roofing contractor to deal with these kinds of issues. There are plenty of things that could go wrong with your roof if the flashings go bad. Be sure that your roof and flashings are all in good condition. Hire a roofing contractor to inspect your roof from time to time.

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