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roofing contractor6 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

When you are going to hire a roofing contractor for tasks like roof repair, replacement, and or inspection, you should do your research. Hiring the wrong contractor may cost you more in the long run. Not all roofing contractors are the same. Some provide high-quality services while others might not reach the same level. That is why it is important to always do your homework before hiring one.

Here are some questions to ask a roofing contractor before hiring them:

  1. What’s the full name of your company and your address?

This is the first thing that you should ask. By asking for the complete name of the company, you are ensuring that they are indeed a legit business. You can always double-check with the Better Business Bureau to see if their business name comes up. Asking for the address will give you a confirmation of the details they provided. Any legitimate Florence roofing contractor would happily give potential customers all the information they need.

  1. Does your company have insurance?

Working in places with a high risk of hazard simply points to the need for insurance. Roofing companies, in general, must have an insurance policy in place. In case the unexpected happens, their insurance policy can cover the costs for any damage or injury. This is very important as you really don’t want to shoulder costs to any damages resulting from the roofers mistake.

  1. Does your company hire subcontractors?

Hiring a subcontractor is one of the means some companies use in order to cut costs. Most of the time, subcontractors are smaller companies that don’t have a reputation for themselves or are on the shady side of the business. Ask whether your potential roofer is working with subcontractors. It’s fine if they do. However, the roofer must assure you that the subcontractors have all the required training, equipment, and are insured. Anything less is a red flag.

  1. Do you have a license to operate?

It’s not uncommon to hear about companies operating without a proper license. You won’t really know for certain if a roofing company has a valid license if you don’t ask. When asking questions, be mindful of their legitimacy. One sure way of making sure you are dealing with a legitimate company is by asking for their license. A fully-licensed roofer Florence would be happy to oblige on the request.

  1. Can you provide references to recent clients?

Another way of telling whether or not a roofer is legit is through asking for references. Of course, you should ask for references from recent work. This will give you easy access to their work. Plus, you could always talk to their clients over the phone regarding their services. Happy clients would often put in good work for a job well done.

  1. Do you offer a warranty for your services?

Providing good work is what you are paying for. However, you also need to have some form of assurance. Ask whether the company offers warranties for their services. This will give you some leverage in case something goes wrong after they have finished their work. Companies like Florence Roofing Experts provide these essential services to all their customers.

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