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roof inspectionChecklist: Roofing Maintenance (what the professional will do)


When you call on Florence Roofing Experts to perform roof maintenance one of the things they’ll do first is a roof inspection. They will look for all of the following. If you already know about some of this you can feel free to point it out.

  • Are shingles broken or missing?
  • Are shingles buckled?
  • Is the roof coping broken or missing?
  • Is there a pooling of water anywhere on the roof?
  • Are there obvious signs of unprofessional repair jobs?
  • Is fascia molded or rotted?
  • Are there signs of water damage inside the house?
  • Are there leaks around any sky lights inside the house?
  • Is the seal around the sky light in working order?
  • Are gutters clocked or in need of repair?
  • Are trees too close to the roof?
  • Is there debris on the roof?
  • Are there signs of fungus, algae or mold growth on the roof?


Your Florence Roofing Experts roof inspector will carry with them a clipboard to mark down anything wrong with the roof that they find. Then they will explain it to you thoroughly after their inspection often giving you a full report along with a bid of what it will cost to get it replaced or repaired and their opinion on whether an all out roof replacement or a repair is needed and why.


Together you and your professional roofer will discuss what can and should be done. If you’ve done your due diligence and checked out the professional roofing contractor in advance then you can usually trust them to know what is best.


Some roofing contractors offer automatic yearly inspections of each roof they’ve installed, if you had a new roof installed be sure to ask about yearly inspections to keep the roof in good working order. Sometimes this is a very small price to pay to ensure that the roof is always in working order. Some of the repairs needed may even be covered under their warranty.


Be prepared with your warranty information, as well as realizing that not everything will be covered under the warranty. If damage happened due to a storm it’s important to call your insurance provider the moment you know. Some roofers offer post storm inspections immediately but you probably need to call your insurance provider to make sure that is covered and who they want you to use.


If you live in an area prone to inclement and harsh weather especially rain, storms and snow you may need repairs more often, which has nothing to do with your 15 or 30 year roof warranty. The important thing is to be aware of the things that can damage your roof and have a plan in place to keep it in good repair. Whether that is asking a contractor to inspect and recommend repairs yearly, or whether you do it yourself.


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