Roofer Tips – Knowing When To Get A New Roof

rooferIt’s not very often that you would encounter a problem with your roof. In fact, it would take a good number of years before you could experience roofing issues. Of course, that would only be possible if no natural calamities come by your area. However, your roof will ultimately wear out in the long run and will need replacing. The question now is when. Luckily, it’s not that hard to know when you should call in a roofer. Here are some tips on how to know when a new roof is due:

Areas of your roof that you need to look into

  1. Shingles – the roof shingles always come first. They are the ones that get hit by the rays of the sun, hail, snow, and rain. Given the fact that they are the first line of defense to any house, it should be noted that the state of the shingles often indicate when a new roof is due. Check for broken, warped, or missing shingles. Most of the time, if these signs show up, you will need to have your roof checked out for damages.
  1. Gutters – the gutters are there to direct all the water from the roof down the drain. However, the gutters can also serve as a basin that collects dirt and debris that falls onto the roof. It’s due to this reason that you should have your gutters cleaned and inspected. Should you notice anything odd happening to your gutters like rust or it seems like it is being weighed down, call your local roofer Florence. Issues with the gutter often translate to issues that might be costly to resolve. To avoid further concerns, have your gutter cleaned and maintained regularly.
  1. Flashing – the joints of your roof like the ones connecting the roof to the chimney and skylights all need flashing installed. The flashing is basically a layer of protection that prevents water from entering through the roof joints. For a new roof, the flashing is secured in place. However, for older roofs, the flashing might buckle, curl, or the adhesive might have loosened up. Have a roofing contractor fix the issue before any major damage occurs.
  1. Age – the most common culprit to any roof damage is age. Roofs are typically rated to last anywhere from 10-30 years. However, that’s just an approximation made by the company judging by the materials the roof is made of. There’s no real guarantee that any roof can last more than two decades without sustaining any damage due to its age. Exposure to the elements day in and day out will surely be cause for wear and tear over the years. There’s no stopping that from happening. It’s just how roofs are designed. However, the only way to determine whether the roof requires a replacement is through an inspection to be done by a licensed roofing contractor like Florence Roofing Experts. Without a proper inspection, it’s nearly impossible to gauge with confidence that a new roof is due.

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