Roof Replacement – 4 Ways To Get Home Insurance Claims Approved

roof replacementIt’s not every day that you have to get a roof replacement. Of course, it’s not very often for your roof to be ravaged by a storm or damaged by a fallen tree. However, when these instances occur, it’s good to know that you are covered by insurance. On the other hand, insurance providers are stingy when it comes to approving claims. That’s why you should always come prepared if you want them to pay for your roof replacement.

Proven methods to get your insurance provider to pony up

  1. Understand your roof insurance coverage

If in case a tree branch fell on your roof and left a gaping hole in it, you will definitely need to have it replaced. Paying for a Florence roof replacement isn’t cheap like getting a new showerhead. You would need a substantial amount of money to get it fixed. If you want to get your insurance provider to pay for the costs, you should know your policy in detail. To be sure that you will get your insurance claim approved, you should understand what’s written in the policy so you don’t waste your time.

  1. Document the damage

Insurance providers won’t take your word without any evidence. They won’t pay up for roof repair if you only have your word for it. That’s why you should always be quick to take pictures and videos of the roof soon after the incident occurred. Grab that ladder and take as many pictures as you can from different angles so your insurance company could know that the damage was legit and that’s within their scope. They can’t refute your claim if there’s clear evidence of damage. You can also let the insurance company send their roof inspectors. However, it would take longer given the fact that there are other people they need to tend to. Hiring your own roofing contractor to do the inspection will speed up the process. It’s a win-win situation considering the inspection gets done fast and repairs underway the soonest.

  1. Hire a reputable roofer

If you want to increase your chances of getting paid, you should hire a roofing contractor that handles insurance claims. Companies like Florence Roofing Experts take care of these matters. Be sure that you are hiring a roofer that’s reliable. Again, it’s best to find your own roofing contractor. Those that are hired by the insurance company typically works for them. This means they tend to be hard on the inspections, making it harder for the claims to be approved. Hiring your own roofer will resolve this issue.

  1. Proceed with the next steps

After you’ve gathered all that you need, proceed with filing the claim. Insurance providers typically require clients to file a claim within 15-30 days after the incident. Any longer would nullify or lessen the chances of claims being approved. Also, be sure that your roofer inspects and documents everything in perfect detail to increase your chances of getting that roof replacement shouldered by the insurance company.

We recently negotiated with the insurance company to get a Florence homeowner twice as much as they were originally quoted. Call us FIRST before reaching out to your insurance company. Call or text 843-212-7825 today!

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