Roof Repair – What To Do After A Storm Damages Your Roof

roof repairThe combination of hail, strong winds, heavy rains, and intense heat every year can take a toll on your roof. Even if it’s premium quality materials that you have up on there, it will wear out sooner or later. That’s why every homeowner must be careful enough to have a roof inspection, especially after a storm. Issues such as missing or cracked shingles can easily cause leaks that could possibly end up costing the homeowner thousands of dollars in roof repair. It’s important to take notice of the roof after a strong storm comes by.

Roof repair, damages, and things you should look out for

Different types of roof damage a storm can inflict

Wind damage – one of the things that make storms dangerous is the wind that comes along with it. Winds can reach beyond a hundred kilometers per hour. When you put that into perspective, storm winds can easily uproot a tree and have it trample over your home. With that in mind, winds can be quite devastating even on its own. Shingles can come off, making the roof more vulnerable. That is why it is wise to seek Florence roof repair after a storm. You’ll never know the extent of the damage until you have your roof inspected and repaired.

Hail damage – the size of hail may vary. Regardless, hail can cause major issues on your roof. The larger the ice pellets, the heavier and faster they are. The speed and weight of each pellet may easily dislodge shingles in certain situations. When you notice that a strong hailstorm is brewing, be prepared to have a roof inspection the following day.

Water damage – your roof is intended to protect against the elements. The most common threat to any roof is water. Rain and hail can deal a lot of damage even to a new roof. Older roofs, in general, are more prone to damage. This is the reason why it is crucial to have a roof inspection and repairs if necessary. Leaks can cause major damage beneath the roof that could set the homeowner back a few thousand dollars in the worst cases.

What to look out for after a storm

After the storm has passed, you should do a quick visual inspection on your roof. Climb up the ladder and look for signs of storm damage and the following:

  • The overall condition of the roof shingles.
  • The condition of the flashing and other components.
  • Pealing or loose sealant.
  • Indications of leakage in the attic or ceiling.

After a storm, it is advised to have an inspection done by experts such as Florence Roofing Experts. What these professionals do is perform a thorough inspection of the roof. After that, they will give you a report on the status of your roof and if any repairs are needed. Roof repairs are common after a major storm. The only difference is the extent of the damage. After all, not all roofs can withstand strong winds and high-speed impact from debris. It is wise for any homeowner to have any issues with the roof tended to as soon as possible.

Call Florence Roofing Experts if you need professional help in inspecting, repairing, or installing a new roof.

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