Roof Repair – 9 Signs Of Storm Damage

Florence roof repairA storm with strong gusts of wind can ravage any well-built roof. Even when you’ve built your roof with premium materials, it likely won’t stand a chance against the wrath of Mother Nature. However, choosing the right material can soften the blow and reduce the damage. With that said, it is also important to note the much needed quick response when roof repair is necessary. But when do you know that your roof is damaged? That’s what were are going to be looking at in this article.

Indications that your roof has sustained storm damage

  1. Visible shingle granulesasphalt shingles are very durable. It is unlikely to degrade in a few years’ time even when exposed to the elements. If you find some shingle granules in your yard in your gutters, it is a clear indication that the roof has sustained damage. If in case this happens, contact a roofing contractor right away.
  1. Clogged or leaking gutter – the gutters on your roof must be working properly. In case they get clogged, it must be cleaned immediately. When the gutters are clogged, your roof is at risk of leaking. There are also instances where the gutter is not completely sealed and there are leaks on the joint areas. Again, these issues must be fixed right away.
  1. Damage to property – after the storm passed by your area, do a visual inspection around your house. If there are damages to windows and other areas, it’s likely that your roof might be in need of Florence roof repair.
  1. Damaged or missing shingles – finding shingle granules is one thing. Finding that some shingles are missing or broken is an entirely different story. You should call your local roofer to fix these issues as it could lead to leaks and other costly repairs.
  1. Ceiling water damage – a roof leak may not be the easiest thing to spot until there’s visible signs of damage. If you fail to check your attic right after a major storm, it may lead to leaks reaching your ceiling. In case you see any discoloration on your ceiling, have it checked out right away to avoid further escalation of damage.
  1. Issues in the attic – if your shingles are compromised, expect that there will be some problems in the attic. The first place where the water will go is in the attic. It is important to note the urgency of such situations especially if you have some valuable items stored in the attic like paintings.
  1. Damage underneath the shingles – if there are missing shingles, expect damage to be more than just on the surface. Issues may already reach beneath the shingles. Hire an expert like Florence Roofing Experts to detect such issues and avoid complications.
  1. Missing or damaged gutters – leaks and clogs can be mended quit easily. however, if the gutters are missing or are badly damaged, they must be replaced.
  1. Damage beneath the surface – there are potentially a number of things that could go wrong with your roof if the damage is left undetected. In case your roof has been recently ravaged by a storm, have it checked out by a roofer for the best results and prevention of further damage.

Minimize or prevent storm damage with proper roof maintenance. Call Florence Roofing Experts today for a free quote.

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