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roofing contractorAt specific times of the year, Florence, SC can experience strong winds and storms, thus you will need a more durable and stable roofing protection system. Despite having the highest quality of the roof and the best roof design, you still end up having repairs – and sometimes even replacing your roof – after a major storm as we experienced with Hurricanes Matthew, Charlie, and Hugo. To help reduce, if not completely eliminate, repairs or roof problems you will have to face after storms and strong winds, we have gathered these roofing protection ideas from industry experts and roofing contractor:

Practical Roof Protection Ideas

Work with a highly skilled architect or roof expert

A Florence roofing contractor will help you design a durable roof for your house, depending on your location, the style of your house, and in what wind direction your house is facing. Working with licensed and certified architects will also help you ensure that your roof follows the requirements of your insurance, local codes and standards, and resistance to wind uplift and fires.

Pay more attention to your roof’s edges and corners

Although they may seem more for decorative purposes, the corners and edges of your roof actually help keep the entire roofing system in place even when there is a strong wind. To ensure that your roof’s edges and corners won’t fail you during a windstorm, make sure they have continuous cleats, gravel stops, and copings.

Make sure mechanical units are tightly secured

These mechanical units primarily include your air conditioning unit and their screen covers, antennae, and satellite dishes. Most often, damages to the roof come from the mechanical units attached to it. If these are too loose, they may pull your roof and cause damage to it. Make sure all units and devices that you install to your house through your roof are tightly secured. Use long screws if necessary.

Check your roof for weak spots

Before the storm season or during a break in the strong wind climate, have a professional like Florence Roofing Experts inspect your roof for weak spots. These may be torn flashings, loose perimeter accessories, and weak gravel stops and copings. Should you find any, implement the necessary steps to secure these weak spots. If you must, reinforce gravel stops and copings to be sure that you secure them more tightly and that they won’t easily fall off.

Commit to regular cleaning

Set a regular schedule of roof cleaning. It is extremely important that you keep your roof free from debris like dried leaves and fallen branches. If these accumulate on your roof, especially on the drain, you will soon have leak and mold problems even if there were no strong winds and/or storms.

Conduct regular roof survey

It is important that you keep a journal of the current condition of your roof before, after, and during storms. A regular roof inspection will help prevent problems in the future. This will actually help your roofer implement the necessary and most appropriate fixes and repairs to your roof. Plus, it will also make it easier for your insurance company to approve your claims. Make sure your roofer, consultant, or architect signs every entry you make in the journal.

Your roofing system protects your house and your family, so it is only fitting that you protect it, too. Help it go through windstorms completely unscathed by working only with licensed roofing experts.

Whether it is for an emergency roof repair or replacement, we are here to help. Get a free estimation when you call Florence Roofing Experts. You may reach us at (843) 212-7825.

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