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Florence Roof RepairThe recent hurricane Florence wreaked havoc in the Carolinas. Harsh weather conditions like this can be extremely rough on homes, specifically the outside of your home. The varied climate condition and harmful storms become a problem when attempting to preserve your house.

If you believe that your roof has been damaged by the hurricane, roofing professionals advised on conducting a roof inspection immediately, which is likely to be covered by insurance.

Below are ways to help you assess roof damage after a storm. Do not forget to examine the rest of your house’s exterior, however, frequently other damages are neglected in roofing damage claims when all the damage have to be fixed. 

Signs of Storm Damaged Roof

Despite the fact that it may be an outside damage, there are results that can be seen inside your house. A clear indicator of storm roofing damage are as follows:

Dark Stains/Spots

Dark areas or staining can show mold or algae growing in the presence of wetness. Many times this can be your roofing system revealing age. The mold or algae might be tidied up, however, a larger issue with your roofing system sealing may exist.

Light Revealing Through Roofing System

If you inspect your attic and can see light through any of your roofing, this is a sure indication to have your roof inspected by a roofing professional. Though it is just an examination, doing it might conserve a substantial quantity of time and more damage to your house.

Drooping Roof Decking

If you see the decking of your roofing drooping or contorting in your attic, this might show the decking has accumulated some water damage. In many cases, you will have to change the decking that has actually drooped and deformed to restore your roofing system. Be sure to have it checked immediately by a professorial.

Indications of storm roofing system damage from the outside

To the inexperienced eye, some damage to a roofing system might get neglected if it is not inspected carefully. If you will be the one conducting the roof inspection, use the ladders carefully.

  • Examine your roofing system for any missing shingles. Likewise look carefully to see if any shingles are split, torn or missing. These are indications of damage to your roofing.
  • Take a look at all the parts of the roofing for excess wear consisting of vents, pipelines, and chimney(if appropriate). If you have other penetrations to your roofing ensure that they are checked for any excess wear.
  • When storms strike the force of the hail will usually leave proof of damage. The proof of damaged shingles can often be discovered in your seamless gutters and downspouts. If you see shingle granules, which appear like damaged pieces of the shingles, then call your roofing professional immediately.
  • If you see areas of wetness that have rot or mold growing, this might be an indication of roof damage.
  • Search for any damage to your seamless gutters or downspouts. If they are obstructed or blocked this can impact the draining pipes of your roofing system and trigger damage gradually. Ensure your seamless gutters and downspouts are not harmed and are working effectively.
  • Last but not least inspect any vents your house has. These are usually for your restrooms, kitchen area hood and clothes dryer. Ensure these are not damaged in any method that would permit water into your house or would avoid correct venting. Inspecting your vents in your attic(if you have one) is a great concept if you are having dripping concerns. In some cases, the vent is simply detached or broken in between the roofing and the location it is meant to vent.

If you notice any of these signs, especially the damaged caused by hurricane Florence, it is important to have a roofing professional inspect your roof. Call Florence Roofing Experts now!


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