Can My Roof Leak Be Worked On When It’s Raining?

roof leakWill roofers proceed with work as usual even when it is raining? It’s a question that many of us have been asking for quite some time. It is important to understand the capacity and limitations of our hardworking men who offer roofing services. Basically, working while it is raining is possible. The roofer could tarp certain areas of the roof to protect it from the rain. However, roof work is not ideal when it is raining. On the other hand, the rain might provide some opportunities to find and fix roof leak.


Why would roofers fix a roof leak while it is raining?


It may sound counterintuitive but working in the rain has some pros to it as well. When it comes to locating the roof leak Florence, SC and other issues, the rain could help. While it is raining, the roofer could detect problem areas. Parts of the roof where water is pooling can be easily detected while it rains. Any gutter problems can also be found easily. Basically, inspecting the roof for issues is not ideal while it is raining. However, under certain circumstances such as hard-to-find leaks, an inspection under the rain is an exception.


Other than finding certain issues, there’s no incentive for any roofing contractor to work while it is pouring outside. Here are some reasons why roofers prefer to work on a bright, sunny day:


Roof installations are tricky while it is raining


Just imagine yourself out in the open while it is raining. You won’t be as effective at anything when it is raining and accompanied by strong gusts of wind. Now, imagine roofers working while raining. Even installing shingles won’t be as easy as it should. A roof installation should only be done in a dry environment. Any sudden cloud bursts could ruin a day’s work, if not the entire project.  That’s why roofing contractors often take note on weather forecasts to make sure they won’t be encountering any nasty weather while working.


Roofers are putting their lives at risk when working while raining


Aside from the added difficulty, working high up the roof come with certain risks. In fact, the risks associated with working on a roof installation is tripled when it is raining. Strong winds could sweep a roofer off his feet, sending him twenty feet down. The water on the roof could make it slippery and hard to navigate. Visibility is also an issue when it rains.


Roofers always come prepared for the worst situations


Although it may sound like a terrible thing to happen, there are instances where roofers are rained on while working. However, this does not mean that the roofers don’t have a backup plan. A roofer like Florence Roofing Experts always come prepared for all kinds of situations especially rain. Coverings will always be available to ensure that no water can get to vulnerable areas.

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