The Right Questions To Ask A Roofer Before Hiring A Roofer

roofing contractor Florence SCDIY home projects soared lately thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of homeowners are taking it to themselves to make repairs to their homes. However, the majority of people still believe in professional services. In fact, the professional roofing sector raked in a total of $45 billion in 2020. That’s a lot of money and there’s a reason why. Hiring a professional roofing contractor Florence SC is still the most effective way of dealing with residential or commercial roofing problems. If you are planning on hiring a roofer, be prepared by having a set of questions. If you don’t know what to ask, read on.

Here are the questions to ask when hiring a roofing contractor:

Do you have a license?

It makes sense to ask a roofer Florence SC for some credentials to see if they are legit. In most parts of the U.S., contractors are required to have a license before they could operate. Normally, having a license means a contractor has gone through all the proper channels which makes them reliable, to begin with.

Are you insured and to what extent?

After you’ve asked whether they have a license or not, check if they are insured and the limits of their policy. In general, roofing contractors are often insured for one of two things or both. One is for the people working on roof repair or any other roofing tasks and the other is for the property itself. It is reassuring to know what insurance coverage the roofer has.

Who will be doing the work?

It’s not uncommon for companies to hire subcontractors. By doing so, they could accomplish more work in the same timeframe. However, hiring subcontractors may come with some shady bits. In some cases, contractors hire contractors that aren’t insured or follow the same industry standards. Ask the roofer you plan to hire about their work conditions and more.

How many years have you been in operation?

Although not an exact measure of quality service, experience plays a key role especially when you are looking for a roofing contractor. An honest contractor like Florence Roofing Experts will tell you exactly how long they’ve been in the business regardless if they’ve been in business for the past few months or decades. What you should be wary about are those that claim to have a set number of years in business when in reality they’ve barely been in operation for a year.

Am I going to run into a problem with building codes?

A reliable and updated roofer can easily determine whether your roofing project will run into building code issues. This is an important question to ask since you want your project to run smoothly as possible.

Do you have a warranty and what does it cover?

If the roofer has offers a warranty for their services, ask for a printed or digital copy. This way, you can read through their terms and fully understand what you are getting into in case you plan to hire them.

Will you provide a written contract?

Word of mouth agreements works fine. However, it’s best to have everything in writing and it should be done by the roofer. A proper roofer would provide all the necessary detail in writing for the convenience of both parties.

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