What Questions Do You Need To Ask When It Comes To Residential Roof Inspections?

roof inspectionLet’s say that you are about to have a roof inspection. Do you already know what’s going to be done during a roof inspection? Basically, a roofing inspection is done to assess the exact quality of the roof. A reliable roofing contractor can determine the condition of your roof, what needs to be fixed, and the actions that need to be taken by performing a thorough inspection. As for homeowners, it is important to understand what exactly goes on during a roofing inspection. You can find out more by asking your roofer a bunch of relevant questions.

Here are some questions to ask your roofer about a roof inspection:

What are the kind of materials used?

If you bought a home from a previous owner, you might not know much about the roof, let alone the materials used to build it. During the roof inspection Florence, SC, the roofer will conduct an in-depth examination of the roof, finding out every detail about it. This will include the kinds of materials used for the roof. Why is this important? The kind of roofing material used will tell you how long the roof will last, the possible issues you might encounter, and more. That’s why you should ask your roofer about this question to know the steps you should take to take care of the roof.

Does my roof have enough ventilation?

Proper roof ventilation can do a lot of things. First of all, it will make your roof last longer. When your roof has adequate ventilation, it will be less vulnerable to the elements. Consider the fact that asphalt shingles are bathed in UV rays and other elements. If you add up the heat buildup inside the attic due to the lack of ventilation, the shingles can become brittle and easily break off. This will lessen the lifespan of the roof. However, when you have your roof ventilated, temperatures will be kept at a minimum. Other than that, your HVAC system will have to be more efficient if your attic is ventilated properly.

How does the age of my roof affect quality?

A roof can stay structurally sound for more than 20 years. However, when it passes the 20-year mark, you can expect to find signs of degradation. This does not mean that your roof is longer usable, it only indicates that it will require more attention than it used to. Roof maintenance will become even more important.

Is there any damage to my roof?

The primary reason why any homeowner would hire a roofing contractor to do an inspection is to find out if there’s any damage. Ask your roofer about the condition of your roof and if there’s alarming damage. A thorough inspection by Florence Roofing Experts will uncover the exact condition of the roof. You will then be informed about the proper actions that need to be taken.

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