Preparing Your Roof For The Winter Season

Florence roofing contractorThe cool winter weather has come, the leaves have started to change their colors, and you have stored away from your summer clothes. While you prepare your house for winter, be sure that you include your roof on the list. Hire a roofing contractor to assist you in preparing your roof for the cooler weather and to help prevent potential issues that might come during the spring.

Clean The Gutters

Don’t forget to clean your gutters especially if it is full of pine needles, leaves, or other kinds of debris. These could result in obstructions in your drains that could stop rain as well as melting snow from being drained, which could result in standing water on the roof or water causing damage due to roof leaks. Build up of ice dams, leaks, and standing water could mean major problems for your roof if you leave it all winter.

Have An Infection

You should also have your roof checked for broken or missing shingles and have them replaced when necessary. Be sure that all flashing surrounding the chimney or overhangs do not have any loose spots or holes. Go into your crawlspace or attic and look for stains, water spots, or leaks that may be a sign of a past of leak. A Florence roofing contractor can conduct a pre-winter roof inspection to make sure that nothing was missed.

Check Ventilation and Install Extra Insulation

The sunlight that hits your roof every day during the cold winter months can boost your attic’s air temperature. In case that hot air in the attic cannot escape through enough ventilation points, it is prone to condensation and leads to mold and moisture damage. Additionally, it could overheat rooms that may be located nearby. Be sure that every vent in the attic is clear and if possible install additional insulation in crucial areas to assist in the reduction of your energy costs and stop roof damage.

Ignoring your roof before snow, rain, and cold weather comes can cause damage that could go unnoticed until the spring – which could turn small problems turn into bigger and costlier ones. Work with an expert roofing contractor if you want to make sure that your roof remains in tip-top shape well before the big freeze.

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