Roof Preparation Before Installing Roof Shingles

roof installationSetting up roofing tiles could be a strenuous job and must not be tried if you do not know exactly what you are doing. It is important to make sure that you establish enough roofing system prep work prior to the roof installation. Otherwise, you are running the risk of the integrity of your brand-new roofing.

An improperly prepared roofing could easily cause openings and also fractures that will cause a dripping roofing system. Clearly, the very first component of your roof covering prep work prior to mounting roofing tiles is to remove the hold or damaged tiles that you are changing. While it is possible to leave these on even if they are showing signs of damages, you must change them whenever possible.

What To Do Before Installing Roof Shingles

Protect the roof covering boards

If you are using the same roofing system boards without changing them, you need to inspect all to ensure if roof replacement is needed. See to it they are all firmly attached to avoid any kind of damages to the lining or to the tiles. You also have to see to it that no particles exist since this could also trigger damages to your brand-new roof covering. See to it no nails or various other things are extending from the roofing system. Hire an expert like Florence Roofing Experts for roof replacement or repairs.

Mounting the drip side

Mount the drip edge around the eave finishes of the roofing. Be sure to use galvanized nails to avoid rusting in the rain. When including the drip edge to the top of the roof, set up similarly. However, the roof has to drape over the remainder of the drip side to be effective. If you should make any kind of joints because the size of the drip side is not long enough to fit down the entire size of the eave, then just overlap both pieces and flex the lightweight aluminum right into place. A Florence roofing contractor should fix any drip edges that are damaged to prevent further damages.

Ice and also water guard

You should also consider taking down a layer of ice and water guard. Some states need you to utilize this and set up ranges that the guard has to be from the wall surface. Once the guard is glued, there is no way of removing it. Ice, as well as water guard, will certainly cost you a reasonable amount but the work it does is very useful. Putting these guards is a crucial step when you are completing your roofing prep work prior to mounting roofing shingles. Cover any type of big knot openings with lightweight aluminum flashing or a comparable product as well as hammer these down.

Adding a layer of felt

Overlap the felt by a few inches and cover one side of the roofing system entirely. To mount a roofing air vent, at this moment, you must cut a tiny part of the roofing which is practically the entire size of the roof covering. Then cover the remaining side of the roof covering with felt and cover the roofing system duct opening you have produced. This will be cut later on. You have just completed the roof covering prep work prior to mounting roofing shingles and now you are ready to tile your roofing.

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