Can Mold From A Leaky Roof Increase Your Allergies

roof leaksMold is an extremely common allergen that triggers allergy symptoms like itchy and watery eyes, congestion, runny nose, and sneezing. Mold can invade your home through roof leaks.

It can also be the source of irritants, allergens and in certain instances, potentially harmful substances like mycotoxins, per the Environmental Protection Agency. Although mold is common outside your home and not typically a cause for alarm, touching or inhaling mold spores can trigger allergic reactions especially among sensitive individuals, which can lead to different symptoms and even worsen the conditions of those who have asthma.

Growth Of Mold Indoors

Mold requires moisture for it to grow and survive in humid areas. The majority of mold issues in your office or house come as a result of a certain type of water intrusion, like roof leaks, obstructed rain gutters or plumbing concerns. Gutters that are clogged can lead to water backing up and seeping into the walls, roof deck, and the fascia boards.

A prolonged roof leak can also lead to bigger problems as it lets moisture enter into the attic space as well as nearer to the air intakes and support rafters to your home or building. Mix this prolonged invasion of moisture with an incorrectly ventilated and dark space in the attic, and it will become the perfect environment for mold growth.

Generally, people imagine mold as the dark black, slimy substance that we see on surfaces that are moist. This is only the exterior indication of an issue. But as the mold grows, its roots can go deeper inside the wood where you won’t be able to see it, thus causing the structure to weaken as time goes by and leading to unneeded and expensive lumber damage.

Prevent Mold Growth In The Attic and Home

  • Unclog downspouts and clean up rain gutters. Although this is a typical DIY project, it is highly recommended to have a professional roofing contractor check, seal, as well as clean up your gutters at least once a month.
  • Fix roof leaks in an effective and timely manner with a licensed roofing contractor. You need to have roof tune-ups every year.
  • Regularly check your roof for signs of mold growth.
  • Lumber that has weakened because of wood rot and mold growth should be replaced.
  • Check and change your AC’s air filters.

In case you are unsure, contact a licensed and reputable Florence roofing contractor to check the rooftop, eaves, and attic. You should also consider hiring a plumbing contractor to check your plumbing system for signs of leaks and mold growth.

Call Florence Roofing Experts if you suspect that you have a leaky roof or for other roof related concerns.

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