Can A Metal Roof Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Florence metal roofAfter hundreds of years, a range of materials like wood shingles, asphalt shingles as well as various kinds of clay or slate tiling have served as roofs for houses. One material that is known for its durability is metal. Roofing that is made of metal like zinc or copper was commonly seen on structures in the late 1700s. A metal roof can boost the resale value of a home and its ability to insulate.

Home Resale Improvements

A modern Florence metal roof can boost a resale value of a home by one to six percent when compared to a home that has an asphalt shingled roof. Moreover, you will get back the money you invested by an average of 85.9%.

Benefits Of Installing A Metal Roof

Apart from the benefit of having a higher resale price, metal roofs offer a lot of other advantages. First, they can be great insulators. A metal roof that is light colored is capable of reflecting more of the sun’s rays, which will keep your home cooler and help you save at least 25% on your heating and cooling costs. Several homeowner insurance firms offer policy discounts of as much as 35% simply because a metal roof is weather resistant and durable.

Most Popular Roofing Type

The standing seam steel version is the most popular type of metal roofing for residential homes. It features an upturned edge on a single panel that links it to a nearby panel, the standing seam steel roof can be installed on an existing roof because it is lightweight. This type of metal roof uses vertical lines allowing it to give a historic or traditional appearance to houses. Metal roof can also be designed to appear like other kinds of roof shingling materials.

Cost of Metal Roofs

To be honest, metal roofs do not come cheap. Their installation involves an intricate process that will require the skills of an experienced roofing contractor. The average cost of installing a metal roof can reach thousands of dollars. But, you are guaranteed that you roof will last for a very long time.

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