5 Signs Your Home Is Losing Heat Through The Roof

roof repairIt’s not just those drafty doors and windows that cause heat loss during winter. When checking if your home is properly insulated, it is important to inspect every corner of your home including the roof. It’s not the most common place to look but your roof can also be a contributor to heat loss. It may not be apparent at first but when you get to know the signs, you might want to consider roof repair the soonest for optimal results.

Common signs showing there’s heat loss through your roof

There’s no frost on the roof

If a home is well insulated, frost would build up around it. This indicates that there are no drafts or heat loss in certain areas. However, if your home is losing heat through the roof, the most common sign is the lack of frost. You can go outside and check your roof. Grab a ladder and do a quick visual inspection of the roof. Notice the formation of frost if any. If there’s none, you might want to improve the insulation from the inside of the roof.

There are leaks or condensation

Roof leaks don’t have a particular season. They can happen at any time of the year. However, leaks can be prevented if a roof inspection is done once or twice a year. A thorough roof inspection will often reveal problems such as leaks. Also, it if important to fix such problems before winter comes. As water freezes over, it expands. Any leaks will get bigger as the ice pushes against the leaks, causing them to grow larger. Aside from the condensation, you can find on your roof, leaks can also cause heat loss.

Missing or damaged shingles

It’s not very often that you get to have a close look at your roof. It is important to have a thorough physical and visual inspection of the roof to uncover problems. Any missing or broken shingles can actually reduce the insulating capacity of the roof. Although the impacts are minimal at first, you will feel them creeping into your energy bill in the long run. Thus, the reason why it is important to have a roofer like Florence Roofing Experts perform an inspection at least once a year.

Poor insulation in the attic

The outside portion of your roof is just one layer of protection. It’s the inside of the roof that really delivers the bulk of the insulating capacity. Be certain that there’s adequate insulation in the attic itself. This is to prevent heat from leaking out through the roof. Also, proper insulation serves as protection for the roof and the attic as the winter progresses.

Whether you live in areas with thick snow or no snowfall at all, it is best to be done with roofing problems before winter comes. If there’s a need for roof repair Florence SC, have it done immediately. Roof repairs are harder to perform during winter and you will certainly pay more to have it done.

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