Indications That Your Roof Is In Need Of Repair

roof repairThe condition of your roof won’t be determined by just a quick visual inspection. Sometimes there’s more to your roof than what you see on the surface. A typical roofing system has a number of parts. Each component may have an issue on its own. However, it’s not that difficult to spot problems on your roof. There are signs that indicate roof repair is necessary. It’s only a matter of knowing what those signs are to prevent major roofing problems from happening.

The common signs of roof damage

Damaged flashing

Flashing is a piece of metal or plastic that serves as a barrier to prevent water from seeping beneath the roof. It is installed in junction points. Over time, the caulking that seals the flashing deteriorates. When this happens, the flashing needs to be resealed to ensure that no water can pass through. Damaged flashing can cause a lot of problems. It is best to have it repaired by a roofing contractor Florence right away.

Ice dam buildup

If you notice any ice dams on the edges of your roof, that indicates a problem with your roof ventilation. Ice dams form when there’s heat loss from your roof. The snow on the outside melts as heat escapes from the attic. The water then drizzles down the gutters and freezes over. The ice then accumulates at the edge of the roof and forms dams that trap water on the roof. Although not damaging all the time, ice dams have the potential to damage your gutters, shingles, and paint.

Missing shingles

A quick visual inspection will immediately give you an idea of the condition of your roof. Missing shingles mean the roof has sustained some form of damage that dislodged the shingles. A roofing contractor must inspect the roof and perform necessary repairs.

Blocked gutters

The gutters serve an important purpose. Gutters lead water away from the roof and down the drain. When the gutters are full, water can overflow and seep into the roof. Regular gutter cleaning can prevent roofing issues caused by clogs.

Condensation in the attic

If you notice that there are damp areas in the attic, call Florence Roofing Experts right away. There are different causes for condensation. The excess moisture will permit mold growth that can affect the quality of your roof. It is best to have a roofing contractor inspect the attic and determine the exact cause of the problem.

A roof way past its prime

An old roof is not necessarily bad. There are roofs out there that are more than two decades old but still remain in good shape. However, when your roof is past its prime, which is 20-25 years, you should consider having a roof replacement. Sooner or later, the roof will have different recurring issues. It’s best to prevent these problems from happening by replacing the roof entirely. This way, you can save on roof repairs and you will have a new roof that will last another decade or two.

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