Should You Fix Your Leaky Roof Immediately After Storm Damage?

roof leaksExtreme storms can wreak havoc to communities big or small. A typical roof is basically no match for the wrath of Mother Nature. Strong gusts of wind, coupled with flying debris, can easily rip your shingles off or leave a huge hole on the roof. If you are lucky enough, storms might just leave your roof with minor leaks. However, regardless of the size of the roof leaks, they must be repaired immediately. And there are reasons why you should contact your roofer for repairs after a storm.

Here are reasons why you shouldn’t wait long to have those roof leaks fixed:

To minimize damages

As we all know, roof leaks can be damaging. The longer you take to have them repaired, the bigger they can get. Water could get through the attic, down your ceiling, and down your walls. Calling your roofer to repair roof leaks Florence, SC as soon as possible will limit the damage to your roof and home.

Keep your belongings from getting damaged

It is impossible where leaks will spring up next. When the water has gone past the attic, it will then go down to the ceiling and water will go through any opening it can get to. Water will then start trickling down onto everything in its path; your belongings included. To minimize the damage, roof repair must be done immediately.

Eliminate fire risks

You might think that leaks won’t start fires because it is just water that’s getting into your home. But that’s not the case all the time. When water gets into your electrical components, sparks could fly, circuits could be fried, and wiring could short circuit and heat up. Basically, water coming from roof leaks could cause electrical fires. Luckily, fixing the leaks early on will reduce the risk of electrical fires.

Prevent mold growth

Mold will grow almost anywhere given the right conditions. And mold just loves to grow in damp areas with lots of moisture. Roof leaks can provide just that. With a steady flow of water, mold can grow inside your roof. Once mold proliferates in your roof, it is rather hard to take it all out. That is why you should call your roofer to have leaks repaired immediately.

Increase safety

Your roof could take a beating from a storm. Once the storm has passed, it is important to have a roof inspection done. This is to make sure that the roof is not compromised in any way. Remember, for your home to be completely safe, all areas must be free of any problems.

Save on heating and cooling

When your roof is in good shape, you can expect your HVAC system to work perfectly. Heating and cooling systems work best when there are no problems areas inside the home. If your roof has leaks, hot or cold air can escape, making it harder for the system to do its job. That’s why you should have leaks fixed immediately by Florence Roofing Experts.

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