Does Installing Metal Roof Make a House Hotter?

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A lot of homeowners are asking if a metal roof takes in more heat compared to a typical non-metal roof. There are two factors that need to be considered when answering this question. These are the roof covering material as well as the roof assembly’s construction.

If you ask the question regarding metal roof’s heat absorbancy, here are a few variables to take into account:

The color, as well as the finish of the metal, will affect the roof’s heat absorbancy. Metal that is exposed directly to the sun would certainly heat up, however, the question as to whether it heats up more or less than the other types of roofing materials have something to do with the finish as well as the color of the roof. The Energy Star finishes that some metal roof products have been proven to be reflective of the sun’s rays, which means they are cooler compared to older finishes. Furthermore, a pale colored metal roof tend to absorb less heat compared to a darker roof.

Although it is correct that a metal roof absorbs heat when it is exposed directly to the sun, the same goes for any kind of roofing material. A roof that is dark colored and made up of asphalt, slate, ceramic, or any other roofing material is going to take in heat at about a similar rate. It is unlikely that making of the same material in a different material will lead to a significant difference in room temperature.

When the sun stops hitting the roofing Florence directly, the fastest one that will lose its heat is the lightest material. When the sun no longer shines on a metal roof, it will immediately revert to the exact same temperature just like the surrounding air. With slate, concrete, or other heavier materials, their mass implies that they are going to retain more heat on a longer period of time. The longer they remain hot, the more heat they will transfer to the house underneath. When it comes to the roofing materials that contribute to heat in a home, when the sun no longer shines, the metal roof is going to be the best option.

Although the roofing material and color will most likely affect the amount of heat that is collected by the roof, the kind of construction between space occupied below and the roof is going to be the bigger contributor to the heat that will be conducted into the room.

In case the roof underneath the roof under consideration has an attic, then regulating the attic temperature with a cool roof such as metal is crucial. However, even more, essential is correctly ventilating the attic to retain it within a few degrees of circulating air temperature. An attic that is correctly ventilated provides the insulation in the ceiling a good chance of preventing the roof from absorbing heat from the ceiling. When you have made sure that the attic is correctly ventilated, the next crucial thing to consider is the ceiling insulation. The attic will conduct less heat to the area below if there is more insulation and if it is of higher quality. You can also try using a digital thermometer to determine the temperature of the walls, ceiling, and floors in different areas of your home to so you will know what surfaces are contributing the most heat to a certain space. Do this and you will surely learn a lot.

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