The Common Causes Of A Roof Leak

roof leakRoof leaks can be quite damaging to your home. Even a small roof leak can grow to become an even larger problem in the future. That is, of course, if the problem isn’t addressed immediately. Other than having to deal with the full extent of damages dealt with a leak on your roof, there are also ways to avoid the problem in the first place. There are quick and easy ways to prevent roof leaks and that’s to pinpoint the cause.

A roof leak can be caused by any of the following:

Roof age – when your roof is a few decades old, it is no longer as durable when you first had it installed. The age of the roof is one major factor that causes leaks. The constant temperature fluctuation brought throughout the years will deal a significant amount of wear on your roof. Even exposure to sunlight alone can cause enough damage to the roof. With regards to age, you should always consult the experts such as Florence Roofing Experts if it’s time for a new roof or not.

Roof vent malfunction – your home will need as much ventilation as it could get. Roof vents are very common. However, they are also known to fail from time to time which causes the leaks on the roof. All roof vents must be sealed tight to prevent water from passing through. With a watertight seal, roof leak in Florence is highly unlikely.

Missing shingles – over time, a few shingles on your roof may go missing. This is caused by a number of factors. It could be a combination of age and other external factors such as the weather or any blunt force that could knock out some shingles. Regardless, roof repair is necessary when shingles are missing from the roof.

Fallen trees or branches – when you there are trees close to your home, you should have the branches hanging over the roof trimmed. Tree branches normally have a lot of weight to them. Falling from a few feet will leave a lot of damage on your roof. In general, the roof is not designed to sustain such damage. This is the reason why nearby trees should be trimmed to protect residential roofing.

Natural calamities – hail storms and tornadoes can be devastating to any kind of home. Regardless if you’ve lived in a multi-million dollar home, there is little you can do to soften the blow of Mother Nature. However, there are ways on how you could keep leaks from happening. After such events, schedule a roof inspection. This way, you can make sure that all damages on your roof are taken care of properly.

Clogged gutters – ever wonder why a lot of people don’t like cleaning the gutters? It is dirty work and it’s not the best place to be on a weekend. However, this task needs to be done thoroughly. Clogged gutters can do a lot of harm to your roof. Where does all the excess water flow through if the downspout is already clogged? Water will start backing up and go through all the places that it could reach. A backed-up gutter is one of the most common reasons why your roof begins to leak. On the other hand, it’s easily preventable.

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