How Can Wind Damage My Asphalt Roof?

roof repairThere are many ways on how your roof can be damaged. Bad weather, fallen trees or tree branches, and other causes can damage your roof. But what about the wind? As we know it, the wind is an invisible and powerful force that can rip apart even the most durable structures. But how does wind affect your roof? Can it really deal damage that I will need roof repair? Most often than not, roofing problems are because of a few things namely, poor installation, inadequate maintenance, and natural wear. Unless you live in a region frequented by tornadoes, wind can’t easily damage your roof. On the other hand, it is good to know when your roof gets damaged by the wind.

How can wind damage my shingles?

It will be helpful to know just what wind damage looks like and how it happens. Strong winds can apply great pressure on your roof. So much that it can cause a pressure difference between the front and back portion of your shingles. As wind passes over your roof, it creates a suctioning effect that lifts up the edge of the shingles. The lift will depend on the speed and strength of the wind. The stronger the wind, the greater the lift will be. In case you find roof damage, call your local roofing contractor for immediate repairs.

What does wind damage look like?

It’s not particularly easy to spot wind damage. However, there are tell-tale signs of wind damage. If you see the following, your shingles may have been damaged by strong winds:

Creases and folds – the suction or uplift pressure being created by the wind lifts the shingles slightly or to the point where it leaves folds and creases. When doing a visual inspection, check for dark lines across the length of the shingles. Although creases and folds don’t automatically call for a roof replacement, they could compromise the quality of your shingles making them crack and break off the next time strong winds blow.

Tears – stronger winds can deal tremendous damage to buildings and even your shingles. With enough force, wind can tear apart your shingles. It’s easier to spot torn shingles than just creases. In case you notice tears on your shingles, it signifies that roof repair Florence SC is needed.

Missing shingles – apart from tearing your shingles to shreds, strong winds can even dislodge a few or many of your shingles. Strong winds are one reason why asphalt shingles need to be installed accordingly.

Extreme climates can also weaken and damage your roof

During winter, asphalt shingles contract due to the low temperatures. When summer comes, the extreme heat of the sun causes the shingles to expand. This expansion and contraction can damage the shingles later on. Over time, the repeated shrinkage and expansion of shingles contribute to the wear on your roof. That is why a roofer like Florence Roofing Experts need to be hired to conduct a thorough roof inspection in order to preserve the roof.

Not sure if your roof is still in good shape? Have a roof inspection done today! Call Florence Roofing Experts. You may reach us at (843) 212-7825.

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