Basic Roofing Terms You Should Know

roofing contractorThere are things that you should know about your roof. First of all, it’s good to note that there are a number of parts that come together to form the roof that you are most familiar with. However, the different terms and jargon pertaining to roofing must also be familiarized. In case you find a problem with your roof, it would be easier for you to relay the problem to a roofing contractor if you already know the name of the particular part that’s involved.

The basic parts of a roof your roofing contractor would want you to know

Sheathing – these are also called decking. The sheathing on your roof is the boards where the shingles or other types of roofing material are attached to. The sheathing can be made from other types of materials but what roofers use for roof repair is generally made from wood.

Underlayment – before any kind of roofing material is attached to the decking, an underlayment is put on. An underlayment or felt is a type of material that is water-resistant and serves as a protective layer in case the exterior roofing material is compromised.

Flashing – this is a thin metallic material that roofing contractor in Florence use to divert water away from critical areas. The flashing helps protect the joints or intersection in the roof. The intersections are basically vulnerable areas that water could seep through. However, with the installation of flashings, the water will be directed away instead.

Covering – these are the materials that make up the exterior of the roof. These are the materials that you most distinguish as the roof of the house. These could either be slate, tile, or shingles. Thee covering is also most susceptible to damage and are often the first ones to be subject for roof repair.

Drainage – these are the features that let the water flow freely from the roof down onto the spouts. These could either include the inclination of the actual roof, the shape of the roof, and the layout of the covering.

Roof repair jargon

Roofers have their own set of jargon. Just like electricians and other professionals, roofers have their own way of identifying things that are unique to their profession. Here are some of the roofing jargon that you should know about:

Bond – this is basically the method of connecting the covering to each other. Given that there are different types of roofing materials, a different type of bond is also require for roof repair or replacement.

Nesting – this is a method of re-roofing which basically covers the old shingles with new ones without having to replace the ones underneath.

As you may have already read, there are a handful of roofing jargon and terms that you should know about. This is not only to increase your knowledge about roofing but to make repairs and replacement easier. When experts like Florence Roofing Experts know what they are going to handle, it will be easier for them to formulate a solution.

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