Avoiding Costly Roof Repair By Preventing Tree Damage

roof repairTrees are a nice addition to any residential property. Not only do they provide shade, but they also produce fresh air. However, it’s not all fun and games with trees. They can be a problem with your home’s roof as well. If tree branches go near home, there’s a high likelihood of those branches falling onto the roof after a huge storm. That’s why it is important to keep trees away from the roof as possible to keep costly roof repair at bay.


Here are tips to avoid having to deal with roof repair


Before we go any further about the downside of having treed near your home, let’s focus on the benefits. The roof can benefit the roof as well as the people living in the house. Here are some of the perks trees can give your roof:


  • Trees can block the wind. Trees also serve as a windbreaker that softens the blow to your roof.
  • Trees provide a barrier against UV light which can deteriorate the roofing materials over time.
  • Trees keep the entire house cool during the summer. The roof is the main component of the house that absorbs energy from the sun. With trees blocking the sunlight, your home can remain cool during the summer.


Ways trees can damage your roof


We have already gone through the list of benefits of trees to your roof. Now, let’s talk about the negative impact they have on your roof that often leads to roof repair Florence.


  • Trees falling on the roof.
  • Branches falling on the roof.
  • Leaves piling up on the roof and gutters.
  • Fruits, twigs, and other debris may be caught on the roof.
  • Trees can also serve as a gateway to your roof.


Things you can do to avoid damage to your roof


  1. Trimming the trees – leave trees along for a few months to a couple of years and you’d be surprised by how much they’ve grown. Trees grow considerably tall each year. With that in mind, their branches may require some trimming in case they get dangerously close to your home. Tree branches are deceptively heavy. They can easily damage your roof shingles if you fail to trim them before a storm hits.


  1. Prune smaller trees – pruning younger trees make them much stronger than if they were allowed to grow on their own. The crotches (the junction where the trunk and branches intersect) are made stronger by pruning.


  1. Clean your gutters and roof – trees can leave a lot of debris on your roof and gutter. If you don’t clean them up, you will end up having to repair sections of your roof. Fruits, twigs, nuts, and leaves will rot on the gutters if they are not removed. When they do rot, they have a tendency to cause damage. To avoid this, clean your gutters regularly.


  1. Get a roof inspection – a lot of homeowners think that they don’t need a roof inspection. In fact, it is recommended to have your roof inspected at least once a year to make sure early signs of problems can be averted. Be sure to hire professionals like Florence Roofing Experts, though, to ensure that the inspection is done properly.


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