6 Useful Roofing Tips For First-Time Homeowners

new roofFirst-time homeowners don’t really have to worry about their house particularly if everything is new. It is quite reassuring to know that everything is brand new and that there’s nothing to be worried about for the next few years or so. However, your new roof won’t stay new for long. Your roof, as well as other important structural parts of your home, need to be looked after. The roof, in particular, would need much attention. Since it’s the part that directly handles all the beatings of the elements, it should be maintained more frequently than others. So how do you maintain your roof? Read on to know the basics of maintaining a roof.

A homeowner’s guide to maintaining a new roof

  1. Give your roof some spring cleaning – you’d often think about the insides of your house when we talk about spring cleaning. However, your roof deserves some attention too. During fall and winter, a lot of debris could land on your roof especially if you have trees nearby. It’s just that time of the year when the snow thaws and the sun shines when you can clean your roof. Do be careful when cleaning, though. If you plan on doing the cleaning yourself, make sure that you do it when the roof is dry. Damp shingles could be slippery and would be dangerous to tread on it.
  1. Clean those gutters too – all that muck in your gutter needs to go. A full gutter can trigger leaks in your roof. Be sure that any fallen leaves are taken out as well as any debris. When leaves are left in the gutter, they can rot, accumulate, and wreak havoc on your roof.
  1. Get rid of any moss, mold, and algae – when you have trees near your house, it is likely that your roof would have some form of mold, algae, or moss when it’s been left sitting for a while with no maintenance. Be sure to have your roof cleaned by a roofing contractor Florence to have all traces of foreign materials removed from your roof.
  1. Have your roof inspected – your roof and attic would need a proper roof inspection. This should be done regularly to avoid any major roofing problems. Most of the time, the inspections are carried out by roof inspectors. However, you could always do some spot checks to see if your roof needs immediate attention.
  1. Look for any obvious signs of problems – the area along the gutter and flashings around the chimney are some of the areas most prone to damage. Do some spot checks in these areas regularly. Go grab a ladder and climb up the roof to inspect the areas closely. Again, be sure to climb the roof when it is already dry.
  1. Watch out for any aesthetic flaws – if you have a beautiful roof, then good for you. However, you really can’t tell if there are minor aesthetic flaws on your roof if you don’t do any close-up inspections. A thorough check will reveal minor issues if any. Do be careful with small issues as they could often lead to costly problems. Have a professional like Florence Roofing Experts check out your roof for a more detailed inspection.

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