6 Common Roofing Problems And Ways To Fix Them

roofing contractorLet’s face it, not many homeowners put a lot of attention on the roof until a problem arises. If you’re feeling guilty, you shouldn’t. It’s perfectly normal to think that roofs last for some time before they need any attention. Of course, you do need scheduled maintenance to make sure nothing goes wrong. However, there are instances where problems just pop out of nowhere. Luckily, most of the common roofing issues can be solved quite easily. Much larger problems would typically require a roofing contractor to step in and do the repairs. But what are these common roof problems and how can they be fixed?

The most common roof issues and their solutions

  1. Leaks – if you have a hunch that your roof is leaking, you better act fast. A leaking roof can quickly escalate from a simple problem to a roofing dilemma. As water finds its way down, the affected area also grows. As the leak is left unattended, it can spread quickly and make the problem even worse. The inner parts of the roof, as well as the attic and the ceiling, could sustain water damage.

How to fix – this problem typically requires a roofing contractor. Spotting leaks and finding out the extent of the damage can be difficult. That’s why professional assistance is always preferred. Also, be sure to have a roof inspection at the same time to serve as a preventive measure.

  1. Flashing problems – faulty flashing can cause the leaks which are something you clearly will want to avoid. Flashing is basically the weatherproof barrier that protects roof joints. They could either be damaged by improper installation or due to old age.

How to fix – this problem could have a DIY solution. You can easily find patching materials in your local hardware store. However, it’s not for a novice DIYer. If not confident enough with your skills, it’s best to leave the task to the professionals.

  1. Moss growth – moss can grow on your shingles particularly if you live in a cooler area. They are especially common if there’s a tree near your house. Although moss alone doesn’t do much to damage your roof, having it all over your roof will present a different issue. Dirt and debris will stick to the moss and accumulate over time.

How to fix – tempting as it is to have your roof pressure washed, it will cause more harm than good. Pressure washing can eat away at your shingles, causing them to degrade. Opt for less destructive solutions or hire a professional to clean your roof.

  1. Pigeon problems – they may seem like harmless fowls but they can damage your roof in the long run. Pigeons can seek shelter in spaces like joints, vents, and gutters where they will accumulate dirt.

How to fix – you could block off all entry points where the birds could enter. Another way is to purchase devices that could scare off the pigeons. Lastly, animal control is one of your options as well.

  1. Inadequate roof ventilation – newer homes may not have this problem too often but older homes do. When there is inadequate roof ventilation, roof problems related to temperature can arise.

How to fix – the best way to resolve this kind of problem is to hire a roofing contractor like Florence Roofing Experts. Professionals know how to place vents strategically to ensure proper air flow.

  1. Deteriorated shingles – despite how much we want the shingles on our roof to last, they will deteriorate somehow. When this happens, you either need to have roof repair Florence or replacement.

How to fix – obviously, this isn’t something that a homeowner can do alone. Professionals need to step in to ensure that repairs or replacement will be done properly.

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