5 Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Roofer

roofing contractorLet’s face it, you don’t really hire a roofing contractor that often. After all, it’s not every day that you have a problem with your roof. But when the need arises, you should hire a contractor that has all the right qualifications and state requirements. Don’t hire a roofing contractor that is unlicensed. It’s much better to hire a roofer than can repair your roof professionally. Also, it would be best to hire a roofing contractor that could answer all the important questions you have about your roof. Here are some of those questions that you need to ask your roofer:

Only hire a licensed roofing contractor to ensure proper repair or maintenance

  1. What caused the damage on the roof? – There are a number of things that could cause damages on your roof. However, some of these causes are not as apparent as a fallen tree branch dropping directly on your roof. That’s one particular reason why you must hire a Florence roofing contractor. When you hire a roofer, you should ask them the cause for the damage. It is important to get the answers to ensure that it would not be repeated. The information you get would also be useful if you want to claim insurance. Again, you should only hire a professional roofing contractor so the insurance company sees the information as legit evidence.
  1. Were animals able to get into my roof? – Some animals like rats, squirrels, and raccoons are notorious for breaking and entering homes. This also includes entering through the roof. It’s good to ask your roofer if any animals got into the roof space. Some animals like to claw their way through the insulation that could be potentially damaging for the roof and the rest of the house as well. When carrying out a roof inspection, the roofers will know the extent of the damage if any.
  1. Do you have license and insurance? – A good question to ask the roofer is if they have a license to operate and if they are insured. Having insurance means you don’t need to shell out your own personal cash for repairs in case something goes wrong with the repair or upgrade. Also, to meet state guidelines, the roofer must be licensed and the only way to easily know this is to ask.
  1. Do you clean up after work? – Some roofers clean up after making repairs or upgrades while some don’t. It’s important to know the scope of their service. You should always ask this to avoid any extra costs after the job is done.
  1. Do you offer warranties for your work? – It’s good practice for roofers to offer guarantees for their work. However, not all roofers offer warranties. To be on the safe side, you should always ask if they offer warranties just to make sure that you wouldn’t be left hanging when there are problems after the work has already been done. When looking for a credible contractor like Florence Roofing Experts, always ask if they offer warranties.

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