5 Things That Cause Roof Degradation

rooferIf you’re like everyone else, you most likely have no idea just how much your roof deteriorates over time. It’s not uncommon for people not to know about the current condition of their roof. It’s not every time you hire a roofer to have your roof inspected nor does it have issues every so often. Regardless, it’s still a lot better to get a sense of what causes your roof to deteriorate.

Here are some of the top reasons why your roof gets damaged over time

  1. Rain, snow, and hail – the primary reason why your roof would deteriorate is due to exposure to the elements. The rain, snow, and hail all have one thing in common and that’s water. Over time, water may seep through the roof and cause all sorts of damage. Although your roof is rated to last at least more than a decade, it will not be completely invulnerable against water. Hail, for instance, could easily dislodge roof shingles if the ice formations are large enough. In case it just hailed heavily in your area, it would be a wise decision to have your roof checked out by a roofer Florence.
  1. Wind – even without any debris flying in the air, wind alone can do a lot of damage to your roof. When the wind is strong enough, it could rip open your roof and cause a lot of damage. However, this will only be in extreme cases like a tornado or storm. If a tornado went by your area, be sure to have roof inspection afterward.
  1. Sun – the UV light coming from the sun is a strong form of light energy that can deteriorate materials on earth over time. It can be deadly to humans. UV light and heat from the sun can cause your roof to degrade. That’s why most roofs are only rated to last a certain number of years. Sunlight is also one major factor why you would need roof repair later on. Even if you don’t live in an area frequented by storms and hail, the sun can be equally damaging but the process is only slower.
  1. Moss – living in an area with a dense tree population has its perks. However, that also means there’s a lot of critters hanging around and moss. Yes. Moss can be devastating for your roof. Once it grows on your roof, it could cause it to deteriorate faster than it is originally intended. The moment that you see moss growing on your roof, have it removed to avoid costly repairs in the future.
  1. Trees – again, having trees around your house means the free shade and fresh air. However, having them too close can be a two-edged sword. Although there are perks to having trees, they can do a number of damages to your roof. Other than falling tree branches poking a rather huge hole on your roof, the leaves themselves can be an issue. Gutters can easily fill up with leaves. If they are left there, they could rot and start to cause issues. You should have three branches near your home trimmed. When a tree branch falls on your roof, call Florence Roofing Experts for immediate repairs.

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