10 Essential Safety Tips When Repairing Your Roof

roof repairThere isn’t any place inside or outside your house that is far more important than roof safety. The roof as well as the ladder you use could be hazardous. The following are the ten most important safety tips that you might find useful when you are thinking of doing your own roof inspection or roof repair. These tips can help you avoid accidents and be able to work in a much safer and secure environment.

  1. Don’t Play The Hero – it is never recommended to work on the roof you yourself. In case an accident happens, you need to have someone around to help you.
  2. Place the ladder on a level and solid surface – in case you have an uneven roof, then you should add a ladder leveler. In case the feel of the ladder are on top of dirt or grass, be sure to dig small holes and fit the ladder right into it to prevent them from sliding. In case it is placed on a deck or a patio then be sure to attach a board behind the bottom of the ladder feet so that it will not slide or slip on the surface. Don’t forget to extend the ladder at a minimum of 3 rungs on top of the contact spot on the gutter so you can easily reach it when it is time to get back to the ground.
  3. Don’t work on a wet roof – a wet roof can be slippery especially if there are wet leaves.
  4. Use a safety harness – attach it to a permanent and stable roof anchor located on the roof’s ridge, as it can help prevent nasty injuries and falls.
  5. Wear safety boots or shoes with good traction – this will reduce the risk of slipping. Don’t forget to wear your hard hat and eye protection.
  6. Keep area clean – if you are working on the roof, be sure to keep the area surrounding free of debris. Any roof material or nail can cause slipping or tripping hazards, which you have to avoid at all cost.
  7. Get rid of ladder movement – you need to have safe footing and be sure that the ladder does not move when you go up the roof.
  8. Monitor the weather – if there is an upcoming storm, then it is a smart idea to reschedule your roof repair or maintenance for another day. Remember, storms can create a slipper surface while strong winds can easily sweep you off your feet.
  9. Concentrate – when you are on the roof, you may see a fantastic view. But don’t be distracted as it cause you to trip over a roofing material. Get the work done fast and admire the view when everything is finished.
  10. Don’t get on the roof if you are afraid of heights. Call a roofing contractor Florence to help you with your roofing problems or roofing maintenance needs.

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